30 years of consistency

Creating natural cosmetic products, which are effective and high quality.


What thirty years ago was just a dream yet to be come true, today is instead a belief that La Dispensa follows day after day, with the same passion and tenacity of when, back in 1987,

Mr Rodolfo Punzo, founder and current director of the company, started his small retail business of herbal products: honey, sweets, teas and infusions, creams, soaps made with honey and royal jelly; products which are still found in the company catalogue, albeit with a much more minor role than before.

The retail business was successful, also thanks to the economic prosperity of those years, and once the market potential in this sector was fully understood, the first products branded La Dispensa, mostly shower gels and soaps, started to be marketed. However, the definitive quality leap took place about 10 years ago, with the launch of the Florinda brand, which commercialised herbal soaps that soon became the company's trademark.


The response was immediate, almost unexpected. Delicate and intense scents, bright packaging studied in detail, all of course without ever losing sight of the original objective: respect for nature. These are just some of the "ingredients" that explain the great success of this product, but there is more ... it soon becomes clear that Florinda soaps go beyond the scent and the packaging ... Florinda soaps go straight to the heart, hence the creation of the truly fitting expression "the scent of emotions" that still accompanies the official logo.


"The scent of


la Dispensa is...



La Dispensa has been investing for years in research and development, with the help of certified laboratories in order to develop more effective and safer formulations. The best herbal tradition thus joins the avantgarde cosmetic research and the most advanced technology, creating a winning combination that makes it a dynamic company with a constant view to the future.

From the raw materials through to the final stages of processing, La Dispensa is an authentic Italian flagship. In our laboratories we use exclusively raw materials "Made in Italy", resulting in a higher quality product, thanks to a better preservation of the original active ingredients.



One of the biggest challenges in this sector is to succeed in creating high quality natural products, that are safe and reliable, all while avoiding the use of synthetic substances that would be harmful to people's health. And La Dispensa knows this. That is why each formulation is based on proven recipes which are supported by specific laboratory tests that certify their high tolerability and efficacy. The company also performs sampling and careful control over the entire chain. All this in full respect of the Italian and European regulations.



Since its foundation La Dispensa has supported the environment by implementing a policy that aims for maximum reduction of all forms of pollution and waste of natural resources. Wrappings and packages are manufactured using only chlorine-free paper and totally recyclable and ecological Re-Board cardboard. A special effort has been subsequently implemented to eliminate completely from the formulations all components which could be harmful for the environment and people's health; the main cosmetic references of La Dispensa have the Eco Bio AIAB certification, which further guarantees the company's commitment in terms of environment and health. In addition, all our products are manufactured in Italy with a short chain, i.e. directly from the manufacturer to the retailer, thus achieving a significant reduction in environmental impact.



La Dispensa has always been absolutely AGAINST animal testing, embracing the Italian legislation on testing, even more strict than the European one: not only the finished cosmetic products, but also the ingredients they are made of cannot be tested on animals.

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